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Healthcare…a Conundrum. A review of  the current state of healthcare reveals a system that is overly complex, burdened by regulation, confusing, and inefficient! All of these factors increase the cost of medical care substantially. In addition to the care itself, every healthcare dollar charged must also cover the cost of…

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For Patients

Welcome to Galen.  What is it?  Galen is a new way to purchase medical care. It uses the latest web and mobile technology to help you navigate the costly and confusing world of medical care. Have you ever: Been afraid to visit a doctor  because  it would cost too much?…

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For Providers

Visit our Provider Administration Portal here Your service, your price. offers medical providers a new way to market their services.  With, you can attract patients who are looking specifically for your care.  Once they discover your services, they pay up front for their appointment. How do you get…

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Common Questions

Is providing discount medical care? Not really. Prices on are much lower than services billed in the traditional way because you are NOT paying for the exceptional cost and prolonged time that it takes for doctors to receive payment through the standard insurance and government channels. Your dollars are…

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